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Fundraising is hard. As a founder, you spend most of your time in meeting rooms, laying your dream and life’s work on the table for the chance to own just 7% of your business by IPO. It’s time to change that.

Kontinuous redefines the process of raising capital. How? By making it accessible to everyone. Simply add an 'Invest Now' button on your website or app and turn everyone who lands on it into a potential investor.


Assume total control over the process. Raising capital on your own terms with access and total visibility, a fixed and predictable dilution for years to come and the brand security you deserve.


Your fans now have a financial avenue to engage with your business. Increase their loyalty, boost acquisition, reduce churn and uplift engagement.


Raising capital and finding the right investors shouldn’t be as hard as it is. With Kontinuous, your product becomes your pitch and your loyal supporters become your investors. Let them invest when they're ready and sell their stake if things change.

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We've reimagined fundraising for a modern, digital era

"People like to be part of the projects they believe in and use regularly. Bringing fundraising directly to a website makes it native and genuine"

- Niko Klansek, 100+ Kickstarters, STOs and ICOs